2,000 Years Old and still shows some Great Detail 

Biblical coins of the Magi: "Premium Grade" (The 3 Wise men) 35 BC – 5 AD, INDO-SCYTHIAN BRONZE  DRACHM OF AZES II

DESCRIPTION:Bronze drachm of Indo Scythinan King Azes II of Bactria--identified by historians as having sent one of the the wise men, aka Magi, to pay homage to baby Jesus upon his birth. The Azes II drachm played a major role in the history of Early Christianity. “The Wise Men of the East” described in the Bible were guided by a prophecy and the Star of Bethlehem to find the baby Jesus. Christian tradition has set their number as three, called them Magi, and names them Caspar or Gaspar, Melechior and Balthazer.  They are interpreted today to have been court astrologers from the east who studied said interpreted signs in the sky. The EPIPHANY commemorates their visit. Biblical scholars have debated their identities for centuries. Many scholars believe Caspar (or Gaspar) to have been a representative sent by “The Great King” Azes II of ancient Bactria to the Holy Land to pay homage to the newborn Jesus. His travels were almost certain to have been financed by these very same drachms issued by Azes, who ruled the area which is now modern Afghanistan from 35BC to 5AD - during the time of the birth of Jesus.     

The Coinage of Azes II: Azes II (35BC – 5AD), King of Bactria, minted crude drachm coins inspired by ancient Greek designs originating 500 years earlier. Where still visible, the obverse legends were in Greek and the reverse in Indian script, making his coinage among the earliest bilingual coins. The coins were hand by striking hot, metal disks between iron dies. The method resulted in imperfect, but nicely detailed coins. The king on horseback is inscribed on the one side, and a standing figure of Zeus on the reverse. All of Azes coins were in circulation when Christ lived. It can be assumed that some were struck the day of Christ’s birth. You are buying one coin 

 ***Azes’ II coins were in circulation when Christ lived***

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